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cShoresal is very excited to announce this creative partnership with carpenter Rick Bronner of South Street Birdhouses!

Now available on our website, in stores, and at events:
Beautiful designer and custom birdhouses!

Business Spotlight:

South Street Birdhouses

Meet Rick Bronner, Owner

I started making license plate birdhouses out of real automotive plates and then expanded to add NFL teams and more. I built a couple of houses on request, because someone liked them as much as I did. Then as the Blue Birds, Sparrows, Chickadees, Tree Swallows and Wrens moved in, a couple of houses led to dozens of houses.

But the real auto plates were too expensive and the price to sell these houses would be too high. So I searched the internet and found novelty plates with a variety of designs. The response was so overwhelming that I started going to art and craft shows, and there is where it really took off. Now I am selling these houses at restaurants, birdhouse stores, craft shows and farm stands. I have sold hundreds of houses.

At one of the shows, I met cShoresal’s owner, photographer, and designer, Sally Rothenhaus. She is able to make plates from beautiful and unique images and that work much better with the shape of the birdhouses. This new collaboration with Sally’s designs allows us to make very beautiful and unique, even fully custom birdhouses.

Rick is a popular vendor at arts & crafts and motorcycle shows in the region.
South Street Birdhouses are also for sale at the retailers listed here.

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