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I am so very grateful for the support of so many people in this campaign! Along with the financial assistance, I am also buoyed by everybody’s words of encouragement, and by the simple fact that you find what I am doing to be of interest. This campaign has also led to fantastic business opportunities that I could not have anticipated!

Once the new equipment is in place, I will be getting to the thank you gifts right away. Can’t wait!

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Follow the links below (or just click here) to contribute through the gofundme site. If you prefer not to use gofundme, please contact me. We can switch to PayPal, Stripe, Check-In-The-Mail, or Cold Hard Cash.


Watch for a message from me through gofundme, and also through the newsletter, directing you back to this page to choose your thank you gifts. I’ll be adding details about the items here, along with information about how to submit your choices to me.


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Please consider sharing this campaign through social media or email to the people in your life who you think might like to support this fledgling business and to get in on some items offered through the campaign that probably won’t be offered again.

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