Custom 8″ Round Hi-Def Panel


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Choose your base material color, what’s on the back side, and hanging method. And tell us how much editing you’d like us to do, if any, to clean up your images.

Base Material

Base material color is assumed to be gloss white unless you choose otherwise. It gives the truest colors and clearest image. However, matte white is much less reflective, and the brushed aluminum choices give your image a distinctive appearance that evokes the look of images from the early days of photography. It also displays a depth to the image that is almost ‘3D’ in appearance.

Click Here to order samples of the base material (pressed with an image from your order).

On the Back

  • “Yes” means that the writing on the back, Great Aunt Edna’s 19th century scrawl describing dates, locations, and names… You want that transferred right onto the back of your panel and have uploaded (or will upload) the back side image as well as the front side image so we can make that happen for you.
  • “No” means there is no writing on the back, or you do not want it transferred onto your panel.

Editing & Restoration

  • “No Edits” means we will straighten the image if required, but not fix any tears, scratches, or dust marks. This is for the purists. (No Charge)
  • “Once Over Lightly” means we will straighten the image and spend up to five minutes cleaning the most distracting marks. (No Charge)

Image restoration services are available by request and are billed hourly. Please contact us for more information if you’d like your image restored.