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Are they in an old photo album or box, rarely seen? Maybe they’re on the wall, looking a little faded, with a bit of mildew showing up inside the frame. Or sadly, they exist as files on a hard drive or memory card, not getting seen. Are the family stories those images evoke being told? No?

We can fix that!


Using heat and pressure, we permanently transfer images into the surface of aluminum plates for an extremely durable result. Then we wrap those wooden houses with these plates, creating very beautiful and long-lasting birdhouses. 

We’ve got your birds covered!

The Collection

Beautiful under any circumstance. Ideal for harsh environments. Steamy bathrooms, greasy kitchens, dewy porches, and salty marine environments have met their match. These panels can be cleaned with soap, detergent, alcohol, and even bleach, without harming the image.

High-definition photo panels!