How’s the Family Holding Up?

Are they in an old photo album or box, rarely seen? Maybe they’re on the wall, looking a little faded, with a bit of mildew showing up inside the frame. Or sadly, they exist as files on a hard drive or memory card, unseen. Whether they are from last week or last century, are the family stories those images evoke being told? No?


We can fix that!

We’re talking heat press and dye sublimaton.

Using heat and pressure, our process transfers dyes right into the surface and traps them there for an incredible, high definition, extremely durable image that you can enjoy anywhere. Steamy bathrooms, greasy kitchens, dewy porches, and salty marine environments have met their match. These panels can be washed with soapy water, glass cleaner, or any houshold cleaner to keep everybody looking their best. Hang your treasured images with confidence, and store away the originals for safe keeping.

That writing on the back…
Great Aunt Edna’s 19th century scrawl describing dates, locations, and names? Yes, we’ve got that covered too, transfered right onto the back of your panel.


Your family never looked better!


Where Are They?

Are they in an old photo album, box, or hung the wall? Are they files on a hard drive or memory card? We can scan your originals or work with your high quality image files.

How Are They?

How are they holding up? Curling, mildew spots, discoloration, scratches? Leaving the original untouched, we will carefully clean up the image file before working with it. You choose how much clean-up is enough and we’ll stop there. Hourly charge may apply.

Who Are They?

Is there writing on the back of the original image naming the people and describing the scene? We can scan that too and include it on the back of your finished item. So cool! Or submit your handwritten notes and we’ll do the same.

What to Make?

High Definition Panels for any wall, even greasy kitchens, stemy bathrooms, or exposed porches. Your photos have stories to tell, so keep them close and share them with others. Jewelry? Garden ornaments? Memo boards? Definitely!
How Much?

We make Chronicles to fit your space.
Sizes from 2″ x 3″ to 12″ x 18″.

Some Prices:
$15  4″ x 4″
$25  5″ x 7″
$60  8″ x 10″
$80  12″ x 12″
$120  12″ x 18″
Other sizes available, including round panels! Special order larger sizes.
Add text to the back of an image for $10 (additional editing charge may apply)

Our “Once Over Lightly” editing is included:
5 minutes for straightening, cropping, and clarity
Purchase additional editing for $1/minute.

Looking for multiples of the same image? Talk to us about quantity discounts!

How to Order
Ordering custom work is a three step process:

  1. Scan your originals according to the instructions we provide. We can do this part for you using your originals, for an additional fee.
  2. Complete and submit the Inquiry Form and upload your images
  3. Approve the proofs we will send to you by making your purchases using our suggested panel sizes as a guide. Browse accessories and other items, and choose your shipping or pick-up option.

No shipping charges apply to items transferred through our partner locations!

Curious? Questions?

Let us know your questions! You’ll get answers and it will help us build our FAQs.

Contact us:

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Ideas to Inspire

Here are some projects that we’ve worked on. Be inspired, but don’t stop here! If you have something else in mind, please contact us. We love trying new things!

Wall Grouping Idea

Cuff Bracelets

Image pressed onto a white background (top).
Image pressed onto a clear background (bottom).

The clear background allows the brushed metal to be visible through the light portions of your image.

Cuff Bracelet - Gallery

Multiple images on one cuff bracelet can be combined in a variety of ways!
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