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Art for Outdoor Living

I use my photography in innovative ways to make birdhouses, wind spinners, lanterns, & other garden or patio art & accessories.


Using a full color version of a sign making process, I permanently transfer images into the surface of aluminum plates for an extremely durable result. After building a sturdy birdhouse using ¾” plywood, I then wrap that wood house with the plates, creating very beautiful and long-lasting birdhouses meant to be outdoors year round.

I’ve got your birds covered!

Chronicles Family History Displays

How’s the Family Holding Up?

Are they in an old photo album or box, rarely seen? Maybe they’re on the wall, looking a little faded, with a bit of mildew showing up inside the frame. Or sadly, they exist as files on a phone, hard drive, or memory card, unseen. Whether they are from last week or last century, are the family stories those images evoke being told? No? I can fix that!
How? Here are the steps:

  • Use the contact form to tell me a little about your project
  • Have your images scanned [link to FAQ on scanning]
  • I will have a look at the images and contact you regarding editing and suggested sizes. With your selections made, I’ll invoice you for payment and get to work on your beautiful panels!

Using a full color version of a sign-making process, I will create an incredible, high definition, extremely durable image for you to enjoy anywhere. Steamy bathrooms, greasy kitchens, dewy porches, and salty marine environments have met their match. These panels can be washed with soapy water, glass cleaner, or any non-abrasive household cleaner to keep everybody looking their best. Hang your treasured images with confidence, and store away the originals for safe keeping.

About that writing on the back…

Great Aunt Edna’s 19th century scrawl describing dates, locations, and names? Yes, we’ve got that covered too, transferred right onto the back of your panel.

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