Photography Birdhouses by CShoreSal

The photography birdhouses designed and created by Sally from CShoreSal are the perfect addition to your garden, patio, or yard. Not only are these photo birdhouses stunning to look at, they are also incredibly weather-resistant and excellent homes for birds. Using an innovative, full color version of a sign making process, Sally permanently transfers her nature & scenic photographs into the surface of UV stabilized aluminum plates for an extremely durable result. After building a sturdy birdhouse using ¾” plywood, she then wraps that wood house with the plates, creating very beautiful and long-lasting birdhouses meant to be outdoors year-round.

I’ve got your birds covered!

Photography Birdhouses CShoreSal Connecticut
Photography Birdhouses Made By Sally Rothenhaus

CShoreSal Photography Birdhouse Features

  • Incredible Nature & Location/Scenic Photographs from Sally Rothenhaus
  • ¾” plywood for insulation
  • Ventilation under the eaves
  • Unsealed (but metal-wrapped) bottom for air flow and holes for moisture drainage
  • Removable roof to clean out old nesting material
  • Reinforced hanging hardware

Perches & Birdhouses

The reason there are no perches on these durable birdhouses is that the small, cavity-dwelling birds that use these houses don’t need them; they’ll perch directly on the hole’s edge. The larger birds (Starlings, Jays, etc) who harass these smaller birds, do require perches. By leaving off the perches, the smaller birds have a better chance of remaining in the house because they aren’t chased off by the larger birds and other predators.

However, some people just really prefer the aesthetic of a perch on their photo birdhouse, and some gardens don’t seem to have a problem with bully birds. If that is the case for you, then follow these simple instructions to add a decorative and durable perch to your birdhouse. Other than a drill, no special tools or bits are required. The aluminum on the birdhouses is light enough gauge that any bit will do the trick. Sally’s favorite tip? A small drawer pull makes a very sweet perch.

  1. Take off roof by removing the 4 roof screws (note the front/back direction of the roof)
  2. Mark center of birdhouse approximately 1.5” to 2” below the entrance hole
  3. Drill through front (metal & wood) at mark
  4. Attach a small cabinet cabinet-sized decorative door knob