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Set of 4 Magnets ~ $50 Contribution

I was surprised to learn that this image reminds some people of me. I’ve been mulling that over. It’s taken years to re-form my self image to one that includes ‘artist’. I still consider myself more of a collaborator, with my primary partner being “Mother Earth”. This universe is a beautiful place, even in the most unlikely and nearly invisible spaces. I know that I see the world differently than many. It is a treasured gift, it is the ‘artist’ in me, and I have learned to create from that, with honesty and love.

Artist Linda Wingerter’s Valentine woman may or may not be a collaborator, but she is clearly creating a little something, and she is doing so with love, and with a cat, and yes… I do that. And so does Linda.

This very special set of magnets, each just over 2″ square, is the perfect addition to your kitchen, office, or other favourite space, and not available elsewhere. It is my thank you for your $50 contribution to my printer fund.

Linda Wingerter

Linda Wingerter


Linda S. Wingerter grew up in a family of artists, designers, sculptors and puppeteers. She studied at the Rhode Island School of Design and spent her junior year in Rome with the European Honors Program. Since graduating in Illustration in 1996 she’s illuminated countless books, magazines, album covers, stationary, posters, and merchandise.

Her children’s books include One Grain of Sand, by Pete Seeger, The Water Gift and the Pig of the Pig and The Chiru of High Tibet by Jacqueline Briggs Martin, Magic Hoofbeats by Josepha Sherman, What Could Be Better Than This by Linda Ashman, and One Riddle One Answer by Lauren Thompson.

Linda has been exhibiting fine art since 1994 in places such as the Cenci Gallery (Rome), Woods-Gerry Gallery (Providence, RI), Art on the Mountain (Dover, VT), Huntington House Museum (Windsor, CT), the Eric Carle Museum (Amherst, MA), and the Society of Illustrators (NYC). Originals from her books have been displayed by the New York Public Library of Manhattan, and in the NYC Society of Illustrators’ Original Art children’s book show.

Linda is also a theatrical designer, puppet builder and puppeteer with her theater company The Stringpullers which can be found at www.stringpullers.com. More about Linda at www.lindawingerter.com.