Sally Thanks You!

Contribution Thank You Gifts

It’s time!

This page remains a little light on details, because I’ve had a lot going on that took priority over adding more info, but you should be able to get the idea. Most of you have seen what I do, and you can find more ideas looking around this website and at cShoresal’s facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cShoresal/

But don’t feel limited by what you see here. Really, I’m flexible. I needed to set some guidelines, but I want each of you to be delighted with your gift, whether you donated hundreds of dollars, tens of dollars, a few dollars, or basically a hug. If you like one of my images that you see on facebook, cShoresal.com, or in my gallery at photos.cShoresal.com, let’s use that. If you have a picture or other creation by you or someone close to you that you love, let’s use that. Big fan of the masters? Monet, Van Gogh, Renoir? Let’s use that (yes, we can… their copyrights expired many, MANY moons ago). Linda Wingerter’s beautiful Cat/Heart/Valentine image? Yes, let’s! If your fridge displays your child’s, or grandchild’s, or nephew’s crayon drawings and one of those is just the thing, let’s use that. Get the idea? Okay, good.

So, here’s what to do:

1. Find an image
2, Decide what you would like to have it on
3. Fill in the form here:

If you have any problem with the form, use contact page (http://cshoresal.com/contact/) to let me know.
I will respond, confirming your choices and providing a link for you to upload your images, if needed.

I can not wait to get these items made and out to you! Thank you, again, for your invaluable support!


~ Sally

Magnet Or Keychain ($25 Contribution)

Magnet or Keychain
$25 Level

Choose one at the $25 level! If you want the full set, see the $50 Contribution Level.
Just over 2″ square, these FRP (fiber reinforced polymer) items are lightweight but very durable, with clear and bright colors, large enough to enjoy, but not too large for smaller spaces and pockets.

Dog Tag ($25 Contribution)

Dog Tag
$25 Level

Choose One at the $25 level!
These metal dogtags (intended for people, not for pets) are a small example of our high definition metal print panels. Choose keychain or Sally’s own design, adjustable black twine necklace.

"In Memory Of" Dog Tag & Magnet ($35 Contribution)

Magnet and Dog Tag
Customized with your pet or loved one’s name or other short phrase.
$35 Level

These metal dogtags (intended for people, not for pets) are a small example of our high definition metal print panels. They are also double sided! I’ll work with your image, or you may use one of mine and add your words. Choose keychain or Sally’s own design, black twine necklace.

Magnets are single sided, so words and image must work together on the front.

Very Special Valentine! ($50 Contribution)

set of 4 magnets

Set of 4 Magnets
$50 Level

Artist Linda Wingerter has graciously loaned me this sweet illustration to use for this printer fundraiser project, so that makes it a gift from her to me, and from me to you! This very special set of 4 magnets, each just over 2″ square, is the perfect addition to your kitchen, office, or other favourite space, and not available elsewhere.

Memo Board ($50 contribution)

Memo Board
$50 Level

5″ x 11″ High definition metal memo board. Dry erase marker included.
Choose hanging method: Command Strip or Magnet

Or, choose any 4 magnets!

High Def Metal Print ($100 Contribution)

High definition metal print
$100 Level
Approximately 8″ x 8″, 8″ x 10″, or 8″ x 12″, depending on image chosen.

Customize Them! ($250 Contribution)

Customize It!
$250 Level

Magnet, keychain, dogtag, memo board, and high definition metal print.
Choose one of cShoresal’s images, or customize with your own!